What people are saying...

Katherine Hutt Scott

Founder and Principal, Best Writers and Editors

I had a growing business but a static, DIY website. Stacy Kleber Design created a catchy logo and an attractive, gender-appropriate look for my website that has helped me bring in new clients. Eighteen months later, my website is on the first page of two relevant Google searches.

Meredith McComas, PE

Sorba Engineering

Just wanted to say hello and thank you! We are so, so happy with the logo you designed for our new company, it is beautiful and powerful at the same time. I am so glad Melanie recommended you to us! As our name and logo get more exposure we have had nothing but positive responses from our clients. Just wanted to express our appreciation for your talents and thank you for all the effort you poured into our logo, it is perfect.

Jason Bach

Mosaic Data Services

Stacy is a wonderfully creative designer with an excellent feel for what works well and will engage people. We have worked with Stacy for many years and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to take the look and feel of their brand or website to the next level.

Melanie Vracas

Cakewalk Strategies

You were so patient with me and your vision and ability to take what I said and turn it into what I really wanted (which was the polar opposite!) was so magical! I am having so much fun with this rebrand! Your design has given my business new life.

Caroline Wilbert

The Wilbert Group

Stacy has helped shape the look and feel of the Wilbert Group brand from the beginning, and is a great asset anytime we need design help. She can take a general concept, and come up with something creative. I can count on her to come through with something beautiful, even under tight deadlines.

Melanie Spring

Melanie Spring Productions

Stacy and I have worked together for years – and that says a lot about why we still work together today. She is always on-time, communicates impeccably, and brings her superb design skills to every project. She reads every little detail of the project scope, comes up with her own ideas, and gives her all.

Rebecca Gunter

Lightbulb Moments

Stacy Kleber Jensen is a magical design unicorn. Everybody I know says so. #protip If you have a chance to do business with Stacy Kleber Jensen, do it. She will rock your socks.

Alison McNeil

McNeil Creative Enterprises

I hired Stacy to design a one-pager for my company. I was so impressed with her responsiveness, creativity and professionalism that I hired her to work on another product. She understood my vision and took it to the next level with very little direction from me. I’m so thankful for her work.

Tessa Edmonds

The International Baccalaureate

Stacy is an excellent customer-focused designer. She takes time to find out what her customers want, and then gives them what they need. She is flexible and imaginative in her designs, but is also able to work within the parameters of corporate visual identities.

Emily Lawrence

The International Baccalaureate

Stacy is a talented, creative, and highly organized colleague. She is a true team player and I can’t imagine the IB’s brand without her input.

Liesl Schultz

Liesl Diesl Photography

I hired Stacy Kleber to design a custom book for my company, Liesl Diesel Photo. She took the time to listen to my vision and then was creative enough to take the project to the next level. Stacy is timely, professional, creative, open to input and collaboration, and simply a delight to work with.

Katya Vines

Smithsonian Science Education Center

Stacy is always very customer focussed and responds quickly and professionally to design requests. She not only follows the brief but often improves it! I like her designs so much that I asked her to do my wedding invitations which everyone said were fantastic. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a designer.

Nancy Light

The International Baccalaureate

For companies and non profits looking for graphic design services, Stacy is a great choice. She is a pleasure to work with, very collaborative , patient and creative. She is an astute brand manager in terms of brand guidelines and always delivers work on time, meeting tough deadlines, when required.